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Bespoke Villas

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Luxury Villas in Madeira

Building beautiful villas since 2001

"Bespoke Villas has been creating luxury properties in Madeira since 2001, today we are the island's leading design & build company for bespoke residential projects"

Nelio Mendes - Projects Director


We are proud to have completed over 100 bespoke projects in Madeira, we would be delighted to build your luxury villa here in the floating garden of the Atlantic.

As a destination for your dream villa the subtropical Madeira Islands have a great deal to offer, with constant average temperatures of a sublime 23 degrees and an almost crime-free  environment it is easy to imagine a new life in one the world’s most beautiful islands is both alluring and attractive. Madeira is a wonderful green island to explore with health benefits for the mind, body and soul.

When we build properties for our clients, we incorporate their ideas and design requirements to create a beautiful villa that will be their ideal living space.  As a small family company, Bespoke Villas have a dedicated team of builders, architects and relocation services. We take great care of our clients to ensure their new lifestyle is going to be smooth, well supported and organised.

Having your own Bespoke Villa designed and built in your ideal plot will be one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences in your life. Our goal is to ensure your dream villa becomes a reality. Imagine enjoying your dream home in a truly stunning location. We will be with you every step of the way from the first design, thought all the building stages to the interior design, garden landscaping and even getting you registered with the local doctors. For us a finished project is only finished when your settled into Madeira.

If you haven’t found the right property in Madeira, or are looking for something out of the ordinary, then maybe it’s time to start thinking about creating your ideal living space and villa with us.


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“We chose to work with Bespoke Villas to build our retirement home as they have a proven track record of building beautiful homes, the end result was exactly what we always wanted”

Peter and Andreas Plechaty Ponta do Sol, Madeira

About Madeira

"Madeira is a subtropical paradise that balances the best of Europe with many of the finest tropical luxuries captivating and delighting everyone. The outstanding year round climate and safe lifestyle brings health benefits, happiness and exciting adventures”

NHR Non-habitual tax regime Portugal


The NHR is a special tax incentive for foreign nationals who move to Madeira and become resident, in doing so they can reduce personal tax payments on private pensions to a 10% tax level for 10 years. The low cost of living combined with the tax advantages of the NHR regime means those aspiring to retire to Madeira can enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Company owners who want to reside in Madeira can have a major benefit by receiving their company dividends with a full income tax exemption when inside the NHR regime.


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