Madeira Island

“The Madeira Islands archipelago is one of the world’s most beautiful locations, with an intensely dramatic interior and outstanding coastline. The islands charm will truly captivate and delight everyone. For those who live here, the subtropical climate and safe island lifestyle brings health benefits, happiness and exciting adventures”

A unique location

The Madeira Islands are located around 850 kms south west of the Algarve and 500 kms from the west African coast. The main Island measures 57 kms by 22 kms and was born from volcanic activity giving the main island a mountainous terrain. A further 60% of Madeira is a protected nature reserve with UNESCO world heritage status. The unique location of the Islands and terrain mean there are 4 separate microclimates and the whole island is green and fertile. Madeira is also famous for its wide variety of fauna and flora.

Uninhabited discovery

Madeira was discovered uninhabited by Portuguese explorers in 1419. They were claimed as a Portuguese territory and shortly after became the jewel of the Portuguese crown due to the easily cultivated and profitable sugar cane. The great explorer Christopher Columbus was also a famous early inhabitant of the islands. Today Madeira is a sophisticated and modern island offering the very best of Europe with many of the finest tropical luxuries.

Our climate is sublime

Without question one of the biggest reasons to choose Madeira as a property location is the exceptional year-round weather conditions. Madeira has a sublime and gentle climate, the summer highs are 27 degrees and winter lows average 18 degrees. For many these are the perfect temperatures when looking for a comfortable place to live and enjoy. The warm sea temperatures can also be enjoyed for swimming and sport activities year-round.


Madeira is one of the safest places to live in the world and the streets of the busy capital Funchal are safe to walk any time of day or night. Even in the tourist hotspots of the fruit market and old town, crime of any form is rare and the police can be easily found. It is also very uncommon to see drunken behaviour in the streets and nobody drops litter, leading to a wonderfully clean and safe environment for everyone.


There are many benefits to a life in Madeira, everywhere is graced with a vast number of diverse restaurants and coffee bars that are open all year round, ensuring an excellent lifestyle. The cosmopolitan capital of Funchal has many independent boutiques and 3 quality shopping centres with easy parking. One of the most appealing aspects about Madeira is the good value for money, having coffee, a beer, lunch or using public transport you will find that day to day living is just great value. You will particularly notice the affordability outside Funchal.

Events all year-round

Madeira has a varied and culturally rich events calendar. Having a constantly good climate allows events to run throughout the entire year. Madeira has fertile lands, a rich sea and an interesting history. These are celebrated in many festivals and special events. The most important events are the Carnival, the Flower festival and the New Year fireworks. Incidentally, the fireworks are one of the world’s largest displays; a truly spectacular experience. There are also art exhibitions, theatre productions and a world class orchestra.

The local population

Forget the climate, the safety, the sublime vistas and think warm and friendly, that's the best way to describe the local Madeira population. The way the local people interact and welcome new neighbours passing on their culture, their food and just being themselves is heart-warming. With big smiles and a good level of English spoken you will feel welcomed into the local community.

Zero tax options

Portugal and The Madeira Islands have one of the best kept personal tax secrets in the ‘None-Habitual Tax Regime’ or NHR. A new resident of Madeira can qualify to receive private pensions paying just a 10% personal tax and receive interest on savings and company dividends completely tax free for the first 10 years of residence. Combine the attractive tax rate with the cost of living together and you can retire to Madeira and live a stylish and comfortable lifestyle. Visit our NHR page for more information.


The islands are served by an efficient healthcare system and the doctors and medical staff speak English fluently. There are many public and private clinics all over the Island and the medical services are of a high quality. Currently there are 3 hospitals in Funchal. Recent construction has started on the new general hospital in Funchal at a cost of €340 million, when finished the hospital will be the most modern in Portugal.

So much more

Madeira just offers so much more, you can fill every day while enjoying the right lifestyle you have been searching for. We do recommend downloading our 34 page brochure so you can learn more about our company and services. The brochure contains information on our available projects and information about moving to Madeira. We would also suggest you request our 'Madeira Explorers Guide' this photo guide will help you understand instantly if Madeira is the right place for you, you can then confidently plan your visit to Madeira.

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