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'Trusted to safely deliver over 100 bespoke construction projects by our clients'

Our Area

Bespoke Villas operate in the desirable area from Ribeira Brava to Calheta with the majority of our projects and work taking place around the pretty seaside village of Ponta do Sol. This is our main area for bespoke projects we undertake. Ribeira Brava is a busy, attractive and commercial seaside town while Ponta do Sol is idyllic, relaxing and peaceful. Where we build our villas is considered as a superb location for foreign buyers with fast Funchal access and the best annual weather temperatures in Madeira. It is also notable that foreign property owners make up less than 3% of all property owners in this area, you will be among the local people with some quality international friends readily available.

Our office

We have our office located on the Estrada Regional 222 at Ponta do Sol, it is open from 9am until 8pm Monday to Friday with some weekend opening. Our office is here to service our former, current and future clients with whatever they require in there Bespoke Villa and new life in Madeira. Just imagine to be an owner of a Bespoke Villa and a small problem appears in the property, we have quality aftercare and a visit into the office will see the problem resolved quickly. The office is an owners point of immediate contact or support and we are here to make your Madeira life run well. We pride our company as being the highest build quality available with a smooth relocation service running alongside.

Who undertakes a project with us:

Our clients are international with a wide and varied background, to date these represent 15 different countries. Our clients are or have been company owners, senior managers, expats already living abroad and the retired who just desire to undertake an exciting ‘lifestyle project’ that captures how they now want to ideally live. A bespoke project will require planning, commitment, patience and good financial conditions to be worthwhile pursuing.  When we meet a potential client we advise them to think in terms of 18 months to get the keys to the completed project from signing an initial reservation agreement, sometimes it can be quicker as this depends on the individual land and planning situation.

Full service construction company

Our company is a ‘one stop shop’ for our clients, this means we often deal with many aspects besides undertaking the main construction project. We refer our clients to several trustable sources who make our clients move to Madeira run far smoother than them going it alone.  Outside of the specialized construction on a bespoke villa we assist with your financial and tax relocation to Portugal, relocation to the EU of private pensions, advice on exiting your home country tax system, business relocations and incorporation, foreign currency exchange, Golden Residence Visas, shipping goods to Madeira and some interior and exterior furniture shopping trips to Portugal. We take good care of our clients.

"Creating your ideal villa and living space takes listening and understanding"

Over 100 Projects Completed

Since 2001 we have been trusted to deliver over 100 bespoke villa projects earning an enviable reputation for the outstanding quality of our completed villas. Every completed villa is the reflection of the ideas and dreams of our clients. Once a project has been undertaken it is very often considered one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in your life. Little compares to receiving the keys to your new dream villa and being the first to enjoy it.

The Desired Property

When considering purchasing a property in Madeira, you can choose to design a property that is unique to your own requirements. Purchasing previously owned property frequently end with buyers being unhappy as these don't always provide 100% of what buyers are looking for.  There are many benefits to designing your own bespoke villa. Firstly you get what you are looking for from the outset, creating the right design, allowing you to accomplish the right property without any compromise, further leading you to your ideal lifestyle.


If you are looking for a peaceful setting, the scenic seaside area around the charming village of Ponta do Sol offers both beautiful sea views and a dramatic mountain backdrop making this a great location for a project. We have many quality plots available across Madeira, to fit a variety of budgets including several in the sought-after Ponta do Sol area. Once you have found the ideal plot we can start to create the plans suitable for the site, the views and the surrounding scenery.

Experienced Team

Some clients already have a clear idea of their dream villa and the lifestyle they want to enjoy, other clients get inspiration from seeing completed projects and then seeing a wide choice of available designs. Bringing your property ideas and expectations together requires our experienced team working together with you. The best professionals already work in the company, so you will be dealing with the right people in Madeira from day one.

Your Design Aspirations

Bespoke Villas specialises in designing both stylish contemporary villas and traditional properties with modern features. We have many architectural designs available. All our designs can be adapted to incorporate your wishes and ideas giving you a finished property full of personalized style. In developing the design, our creative team will work with you from the outset of the project ensuring you maximise the chosen site to achieve the right villa orientation and interior layout.

The Build

Our Projects Manager is Nelio Mendes, he will personally ensure the smooth running of your project through to final completion. During the building process we require a minimum of one visit to make the important selection of materials, finishes and colours. The building process takes around a year to complete and during this period we provide many exciting updates including drone photography of the site, video recordings and carpentry updates of the kitchen, staircase and wardrobes. You will feel involved at every stage.


Once a new client has decided to undertake a project with us the next step is to take references.  We can provide a list of former clients and you can choose the most relevant references to investigate further. We are also able to show several projects we  have built over the years, further enforcing our quality control and build practices. We also welcome your financial and legal checks into our building company.

Family Company

We are a proud family owned building company with a history of quality builds behind us.  Our company does not employ or use estate agents to promote our bespoke services. We choose to attract our clients directly through active marketing and referrals. If you are considering a move to Madeira and a bespoke project, then please download our brochure, it will be a positive first step. The brochure contains available projects and essential information about a move to Madeira.

Our conservation project

When we build a Bespoke Villa we are taking some land away from the nature, our conservation project ensures we help rebalance and give something extra back to preserve nature and the natural Madeiran habitat.

In 2005 our company purchased a remote mountain land of 10 acres, 40 years before it was a productive walnut plantation that had become overgrown and completely dominated by invasive eucalyptus trees. The land and earth was cleaned of eucalyptus trees and in the following year replanted with many thousands of native trees and plants. Today the conservation project has been extended to 26 acres and is a haven for natural biodiversity with intricate wandering trails full of flowering plants, birds and native wild bees, its an amazing place to see and experience. All our clients are invited to plant trees and have some participation in the project. There are now plans to further extend the project with a lake and island and work is expected to start in 2021.

Client aftercare

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We also provide extensive aftercare for our clients from their first move here to arranging local paperwork through to taking your car for a service, property maintenance and key guarding. We are always here and available to help make your life easier.

Robert Webb – Bespoke Villas


“We purchased our beautiful little villa from Bespoke Villas 5 years ago, we always found dealing with Robert and Nelio a delight and never complicated. Nelio as a project manager was organised, polished and motivated. Today we are still able to count on Bespoke Villas if we need help in our everyday life in Madeira”

Roger and Lesley Waterhouse Ribeira Brava

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