A bespoke villa deserves a beautiful interior

Interior design and furnishing

During the construction of a Bespoke Villa the time will arrive to think about the villa interior and the use of the outdoor living space. While some clients will be happy to use the local furniture supplies or an interior designer, some clients also engage our interior 3D design service. Our interior design service is a complete service where we deliver and install the chosen contents of refined and personalised 3D images of the selected interior. As we work directly with established manufacturers and we have access to a vast inventory of quality furniture.

Showroom in Porto

As a part of the interior and exterior design service, we also visit factories and showrooms with our clients in northern Portugal, this is to see and feel the furniture collections, to understand the fabric choices and ask the designers about fabrics and finishes and opinion about potential selections for your project interior. We normally visit Porto for one day starting in the early morning, it is an enjoyable and directional day with energy and inspiration to help you get into your villa interior and exterior lifestyle. Due to production planning, a placed interior order will need to be produced and shipped, this can take around 60 to 90 days for completion and delivery to Madeira.

Understanding our clients

When we are asked to undertake the interior design of a project, we have an advantage of already understanding the original property design, we will also know how the villa owners will want to live in their new property. At the request of a client we start creating 3D interiors images in the desired style using 3D furniture images, we do this room by room and then we work outside. We use the property plans and create an exact 3D image of the proposed interior and exterior, the 3D images can then be easily furnished with suitable items until our client is completely satisfied with the design


Once we have the interior items in Madeira we deliver and install to the destination property, as we designed the complete project and created the 3D interior design, we know the locations where everything will belong and where pictures and art will hang.  The installation can take between a day and a week to complete depending on the complexity and depth of the interior design. Once the interior design is finished the completed property is then ready to be handed over to the owners as a finished property.  All our furniture is guaranteed for 2 years from the installation.

Our interior partners

We work with many suppliers of furniture from Northern Portugal, the region has a particularly rich history in the production of high quality, stylish and modern furniture, the quality level of the product is very suitable for a completed villa. Our furniture designers have won international design awards for both the innovative materials and modern design. Should a client require a special or ‘one of a type’ design, then we can undertake all types of bespoke furniture work.  We also have excellent exterior furniture suppliers based in Germany, Italy and here in Madeira.

The outdoor lifestyle

The outdoor areas are going to be an extension of the interior living areas, patio areas are going to be well used and a great deal of outdoor living and entertaining is likely to be happening. The exterior design although rustic and relaxed, will need to also be furnished with particularly robust, resistant yet beautifully attractive and enjoyable furniture items. We deal with high quality furniture factories who supply us and manufacture items especially designed for the warm exterior living where you will be soon spending your time.

The garden

A new villa will also require thoughts towards a garden, while some clients really look forward to doing this, other clients would rather have this already planned, finished and colourfully styled for low maintenance. All our Bespoke Villas come with an extensive irrigation system as standard, however we do not include plants or planting. We offer a complete garden design service with the supply of trees, rocks, the lawn and palms. We also offer weekly garden maintenance services at the request of our clients.

If you are interested in a 3D interior design and installation service, then please contact us.

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