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Luxury Properties in Madeira Since 2001

Werner Heyns

My name is Werner Heyns, I’m based in South Africa for Bespoke Villas in Madeira, I’m here to meet you locally in South Africa and advise you and your family on the options of relocation into the wonderful, idyllic and safe Madeira Islands.

Madeira is Portuguese and Portugal was a founding member of the European Union. Portugal was the first country to use the Golden Resident Permit in Europe and today the programme is the most popular resident visa programme in the world. This means South Africans can purchase property in Madeira for 500,000€ and have full time residence in the islands. For South Africans this means visa free travel in the EU, business opportunities and a whole new start.

I recommend downloading; The South Africans Buyers Guide to Madeira, the 25 page guide is packed full of relevant information about the Madeira lifestyle and the buying process, it’s a fantastic read. I will then offer to either send you the Bespoke Villas brochure or meet you in person. The guide contains information on moving your goods, sending money, moving pensions, healthcare, culture, lifestyle, business and property, there is nothing else like it available for Portugal or Madeira.

Contact Werner Heyns
Email: wh@justmadeira.com
Telephone: +27 82 560 9805

  • Full unrestricted residency
  • Outstanding healthcare
  • Design your dream property
  • One of the world's most beautiful Islands
  • All direct family members
  • Quality lifestyle
  • Outstanding support available
  • Visa free EU travel
  • Business relocation available
  • Family owned company

The South Africans Buyers Guide to Madeira

The subtropical Madeira Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, 500 miles south west of the Algarve and 280 miles from the West African coast. Madeira is known as the Pearl of the Atlantic for its year-round flowers and is Europe’s most revisited island resort destination. The island measures 35 by 14 miles and has many high mountains and a striking coastline.

Madeira was discovered by the Portuguese in 1420. Madeira, due to its quite exceptional year-round subtropical temperatures was ideal for growing profitable sugar cane. Today, Madeira with its Portuguese influence and friendly people is a growing destination for those searching for a quiet and safe escape from South Africa, to either call home or to have as a year-round holiday destination.

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