Visiting Madeira and meeting Bespoke Villas

"Nothing beats a organised discovery of our subtropical paradise"

Robert Webb

Robert Webb – Bespoke Villas

“Nothing compares to visiting Madeira and seeing our completed projects with you own eyes. If we find a good location and the right design, then the following build process will be one of the most exciting things you will ever do”

Savoy Palace Madeira

Your visit

During your visit to Madeira, we will present you with some of our former projects and meet several owners who now live in Madeira. You can view first-hand the quality of the designs and construction, also you can ask owners important questions about their own experiences. We will also meet some of our team and visit available plots that are suitable for your expectations and ideas.

Year-round flights

The flight time from Europe is under 4 hours and there are around 100 international flights every week throughout the entire year.  Some operators offer excellent value for money. We recommend that you stay in Funchal during your first visit, there are many hotels to choose from, we provide the airport transfer with our own private driver ensuring your visit runs well from the start to the end.

Our presentation day

Our day starts with a pickup at your hotel followed by coffee, we then decide our direction for the day and present some of our completed projects. After lunch in Ponta do Sol, we visit some potential sites and we also visit our office and local showroom. Our day finishes when we drop you back at your hotel. Should you wish to see us again or make a plot selection, then you can choose to contact us the following day.

A short visit

We recommend your visit to Madeira should be around 3 or 4 nights in order to fully appreciate our unique Island, and for us to present our bespoke villa concept and projects to you. We recommend the first step is to download our company brochure. It has 34 pages of relevant information about Madeira, our company and our client services. We will also send you our high quality Madeira Explorers Guide upon request.

Booking a visit

If you have already decided to visit us in Madeira, please contact us for before booking your flights to check our availability first. We will assist you in finding a suitable hotel and if required we will make the booking for you. Finally, we look forward to personally welcoming you to Madeira and spending time with you showing you examples of our work.

Where to stay

We advise all our clients to stay in Funchal, we recommend the brand new Savoy Palace Hotel that is located between the city center and the lido area. It is a high quality hotel in a really ideal location, set in 4 acres of tropical gardens with several pools, it is just a short walk to discover the many restaurants in the area. The 5 star Savoy Palace is also listed as one of the leading hotels of the world, so if you like modern and stylish hotels this is the only place to stay!

Special arrangements

Bespoke Villas are able to offer room upgrades in the Savoy Palace Hotel for our visiting clients. To arrange a visit or for further details please contact Robert Webb at or call Robert directly on +351 966677630

Spending a day with Bespoke Villas

"See our stunning villas"

Your day with us

Our clients visit Madeira and travel here from all over the world as they search the right location for a holiday home or for a permanent relocation. A short visit to Madeira is all that is required to know that Madeira offers the right conditions for your future. You will need to only spend just one day with us to know what we offer, from the overall build quality to the special land locations and company history, you will know quickly if we are the right company for you. Our day starts at your hotel pick up and involves seeing some finished bespoke projects, villas under construction, available land, our showroom with lunch in Ponta do Sol village. Their is nothing to sell our clients on our presentation day it’s a relaxed day as we all need to know we could   work together on an exciting project for you.

A second meeting

Should you decide to make a second follow up meeting with us during your short visit then this might be because you want to select land for your project and go further. We can visit the lands again, discuss your ideas, thoughts and timeframes. You might like to visit the architects offices and look at some design options that we will either have available or start the design process according to your own ideas. We can look at materials and go deeper into the construction process and what is going to be involved a project to the next stage. Ultimately a second day is your opportunity to see if a Bespoke Villas project can fit financially as well as filling the dream property requirements that lead you to find our company.

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